What our Clients are saying about us...

Mike Evenrud

"The finest agents and the best people work at Lake Country. God Bless you all.

Don Moore

"The Agent's work for their clients and are very honest with you. Recommend

Michelle Abraham

"I recently moved to the area after my husband and I relocated from Florida to Missouri. We were looking for a rental home but were unsure of where to begin. This agency was so professional and helped my husband and I to steer in the right direction. They gave us plenty of options to look at and were respectful and trustworthy throughout the entire process. We are now comfortably living in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home in a gorgeous and safe neighborhood and I can honestly say that there is no other agency I would have chosen for proper guidance in starting a new phase of our lives. Thank you Coldwell!

Tancy Z

"Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Would definately recommend Coldwell Banker Lake Country to anybody looking to buy or sell any kind of property around the lake area! The realtors are very thourough with their work and attentive to customer needs. Thumbs up:)

Margaret Hwang

"I recently purchased my first summer condo by the lake from Nathan here in Missouri and I couldnĺt be happier! He is a patient, reliable, and clearly very knowledge real estate agent who really listened to my needs all while being conscientious of my price range. Thank you, Nathan!!! Overall, the agency is a very friendly and helpful environment with kind staff members. Thank you so much! I strongly recommend Coldwell Banker Lake Country!!

Adam Foote

Overland Park KS

"Bruce was a perfect realtor for us. He exceeded all expectations and provided top Notch customer service. While we were a couple hours away, Bruce viewed several homes for us and prospected the perfect place. He knew exactly what we were looking for and delivered this.

Lemuel Davis

"Joseph went above and beyond and was able to find us a home near the lake.

Mike and Charron Hack

Coldwell Banker Lake Country • Camdenton 36

"Sue was knowledgeable about what we were looking for and what was available. She was there to help anyway possible thru the process!

Devin and Christine Warner

Coldwell Banker Lake Country • Camdenton 36

"Answered calls Responded to questions Followed up to details